The Role of Colon Cleansers in the Colon Cleansing Process

Colon cleansing can be basically described as a procedure through which accumulated toxins and fecal matter in the colon is gotten rid of, making way for better holistic health. To make this removal of accumulated toxins and fecal matter from the colon possible, a number of aids – also called colon cleansers – are used, and it our endeavor here to explore the role that the colon cleansers serve in the colon cleansing process, towards the elimination of accumulated toxins and long held fecal matter from the colon.

One of the roles of colon cleansers in the colon cleansing process is to absorb the toxins in the colon so that they can be flushed out of the body. It is true that the body has its own mechanisms for cleansing itself (and as such, that the colon is ‘self cleansing’ to a certain degree). Most of the ‘natural’ toxins we eat do get eliminated this way. Unfortunately, our bodies are ill-equipped to deal with some of the ‘artificial’ toxins we are eating today: meaning that the natural self-cleansing system has to be helped if it is to get rid of them: hence the need for the colon cleansers. Without the help of these, by the way, we would have a situation where the body, faced with toxins it doesn’t know what to do with, just lets them accumulate in the colon, a situation which obtains for most people who opt not to take person responsibility for their colon health, assuming that the ‘natural self cleansing’ mechanism will take of everything.

The effect of removing toxins from the colon which the best of colon cleanser have is immediately palpable upon taking them: because one tends to feel as if they have just been relieved of a great burden upon having even a small portion of such accumulated toxins pushed out of the body, because the toxins tend to place heavy demands on the body, making the person in whom they are resident lethargic and perpetually tired for a reason they can’t quite point out.

Another role that the colon cleansers play in the colon cleansing process is that of pushing the long-held fecal matter (fecal matter that has ‘refused’ to be eliminated in the ordinary way) out of the body. Again, while it is true that the body was created with a mechanism for getting rid of fecal matter unaided, the problem is that our diets today – made of the ultra-refined foods and very little – if any fiber – have made it extremely hard for the body to get rid of all fecal matter that comes its way, especially the ultra-fine type which it is typically absolutely not in a position to get rid of.

Like the effect of toxin removal that colon cleansers also have, the effect of aid in fecal matter elimination is also immediately felt upon getting started on the colon cleansing process, typically by way of ‘healing’ cases of constipation that the body had proven unable to deal with.