School Of Natural Health Review

If you are looking for a degree or a certification in natural health or nutrition, consider looking into schools that offer online courses. This can make things easy and more convenient, allowing you to get a good education from home. Three schools that you might come across include the Clayton College of Natural Health, the Global College of Natural Medicine, and the Natural Healing College. Let’s take a look at these schools of natural health reviews.

The Clayton College of Natural Health claims that they are one of the first online programs dedicated to this field. However, being the first certainly does not mean being the best, and that is true for Clayton. Throughout the years they haven’t have the best reputation with employers, so if you’re looking to actually find a job you want to go elsewhere. They are also a bit behind the times with their technology, requiring students to mail their tests in through snail mail, and some courses even require that a proctor be present. Also, their programs are quite expensive, charging $ 127 per credit hour on the undergraduate level.

Global College of Natural Medicine is another school to check out. Regrettably, they too are behind the times with technology. Rather than working their distance learning programs online, in a fast and efficient manner, they mail their tests to the students and they in turn have to mail them back. They too are a bit pricey and charge a lot of money for all the books and study materials that are necessary for their programs.

The Natural Healing College has quite a lot of things going on. They are up to date with their technology. They have an online program and do not require you to mail in your tests and exams but rather they are taken online with immediate results. There also are online tools and resources available for students.

The Natural Healing College helps their students after graduation. They have an internship program that will give the graduates a real life experience which assists them in getting jobs. For the students that are looking for employment they will provide support in a variety of ways to include marketing, consultations, letters of recommendation and contacts within the natural health community.

Getting your certificate will only cost you about $ 500-1,000, depending on the program you choose and if you take advantage of the 2010 discount. This is a huge improvement over the prices of the other colleges out there. If you are looking to save money and get a great education, the Natural Healing College is the place.

The classes the Natural Healing Colleges has are high quality and will provide you will a great deal of information that you will need to find a job in natural health or nutrition. Your tuition fee includes all the study materials you will need. These books are a great resource during class and later on in your career.

Overall, if you’re looking for a great education that won’t leave you broke and uses current technology that you can take advantage of from home, the Natural Healing College is the school for you. Hopefully these short reviews of schools of natural health have helped you see that.