Our Best Selections For Energy Based Healing Practices

Before we present you with our best selections for energy based healing practices, it is important to start with a simple definition of what energy based healing includes.

It is now a truly scientific concept that everything in this universe is energy. There are now many types of energy based healing in this world that you can choose from and much of this will depend on your own preferences.

Some require an attunement, others simply encourage stillness, some require movement whilst others do the healing work lying down. Some require you to receive blessings from a Spiritual Master, whilst others are very easily taught by laymen.

This article therefore is just a small selection of our ‘best picks’ for energy based healing practices. They are our best selections for healing, growth, love and purification.


Reiki is now probably one of the most widely accepted forms of energy based healing and meditation. And there are now so many forms of Reiki for you to choose from (almost too many).

These technique offer you a wonderful, love filled, empowering and genuine pathway towards more love & light in your life which often results in great health and overall well-being. Some good examples of the types of Reiki you may to learn are as follows:

a) Usui Reiki

One of the most popular and widely accepted mode of energy based healing available to you. Brought through to us in the late 19th century by a Japanese Buddhist monk, these practices help us to connect to loving, pure and gentle healing energies so that we can feel relaxed, peaceful and regain balance in our energy. There are many beautiful stories of healing, growth and love that have come from this wonderful system of healing.

b) Karuna Reiki

Another very popular form of energy based healing which works with the energies of compassion, peace and love to create a wonderful and peaceful feeling in meditation and healing. Brought through to us by the International Centre for Reiki Training, these energies are said to be a next step for the Usui Reiki energies. As such, these teachings are only available to those people who have completed the Usui Reiki Master level.

c) Kundalini Reiki

A more recent introduction to the Reiki family, this form of Reiki combines the healing power of our Kundalini energies from within with the universal energy which is ‘Reiki’. This is a beautiful system of healing and growth and something which is learnt easily, quickly and by distance. The self-healing and cleansing practices can be done within around 5 – 10 minutes.

d) Celestine Reiki

These very invigorating and uplifting energies are said to be connected to the energies of the new consciousness and by practising this form of Reiki, you are opening yourself up to a whole new range of exciting and love filled frequencies. Celestine Reiki is now taught as a first step on ‘The Unified Pathway To Light’ with Prophestine Reiki being being introduced in the higher levels. These new types of Reiki offer us a series of stepping stones towards the new ‘love’ consciousness. The self-healing practices can be completed in around 10 – 15 minutes and are very simple and easy to learn.


Yoga is another great way to heal, purify and move towards a heightened state of awareness and it is also something which is readily available to you regardless of where you live in the world! Originating in India, most people in the west understand yoga to be more of a physical practice where one does a variety of asana & breathing techniques to help us achieve greater flexibility, strength whilst cultivating a relaxed and peaceful state of mindfulness.

Whilst this is most certainly true, there are also many hidden aspects to yoga that you wont be taught in your 90 minute basic yoga class. When we start to dig a little deeper into ‘yoga’ and to the true origins of the word itself (meaning union) we can see that there are many yoga practices that can also help us to connect with the more mystical and tantric aspects of this practice. These can often help us to connect more deeply to a wide range of deities through a series of mantras & tantras as we feel a deeper sense of pure and divine love unfolding within our consciousness.

Ultimately these tools can help us to purify ourselves and to walk towards love and light with more speed and acceleration. One mainstream example of this deeper connection being made is seen in Kriya yoga. There are also many other kinds of other beautiful yogic practices available and these can all help you to create a wonderful and loving mind body soul connection.

Energy Based Practices for the new age

This category of energy based healing is now starting to blossom as there are more and more energies being received as part of this ‘shift in consciousness’. Here are a few examples of the practices available to you:

a) Pathway To Light – Universal Love Attunements

This pathway is said to help a person move towards the energies of the new consciousness through a series of energy based healing attunements and channeled teachings. Everything is offered very easily in an e-book format and there is no cost. There are also no meditational practices required during this ascension process making this one of the easiest and fastest ways to raise your energetic vibration.

b) Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha

One of the most effective ways to purify yourself can be through working with a Guru and Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha is certainly a Guru that you should be doing some homework about. Dharma Sangha brings an immense vibration to this earth and also offer a most genuine and highly accelerated pathway to the new consciousness or what he describes as a Golden Age. For those who wish to meet this most blessed Guru, he currently resides in Nepal.

c) The Unified Pathway To Light

Another beautiful and loving pathway to the vibration of the new consciousness is to receive the attunements for the Unified Pathway To Light. These energies, attunements and teachings have been all divinely designed to help you move to the vibration of the new consciouses and are offered online and by donation. These energies help to accelerate the healing and purification process dramatically and are practiced very easily.


We hope that this helps you bring much love and light into your life so that you may be happy, loving and healthy in your life. Again, there are so many forms of energy based healing available to you and we make the wish that you find one which sings for you! Namaste.