Green Tea Natural Healing, Unbiased Facts for the Educated Consumer

Interested in green tea natural healing? It is hard to know where to go for accurate information. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine is a good unbiased source. I believe that it is important to get your information from unbiased sources. Otherwise, the health claims may be overstated. Here you can learn about the known and possible benefits of drinking the tea or taking the extract, without any of the advertising hype.

It has been used for the prevention and treatment of a variety of cancers, including breast, stomach, prostate and skin cancer. Scientific studies suggest that it may slow the growth of tumors or protect the cells of the body against the DNA damage that results from exposure to free radicals and oxidative stress.

Before a cell becomes a cancer cell, the DNA (the cell’s blueprint for reproduction) becomes mutated. This mutation may be caused by exposure to a carcinogen or by free radicals, which naturally occur in the body’s cells. They are byproducts of cellular respiration. If things are well balanced, antioxidants will be present to neutralize the free radicals. If not, they can cause the formation of a cancer cell.

So, when it comes to cancer, the green tea natural healing abilities have to do with the antioxidants that the leaves contain. Those antioxidants include catechins and gallic acid. Even the small amount of caffeine that is present may have some beneficial effects. Recent studies indicate that moderate caffeine consumption reduces your risk of heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

Traditional healers believed that green tea was good for the heart. Modern researchers have shown that it can lower cholesterol levels. High cholesterol plays a role in the development of heart disease. It also appears to have anti-coagulant activity, which would reduce the risk of the blood clots that cause heart attack and stroke.

Other green tea natural healing benefits include increased fat loss during exercise. One study indicates that drinking five cups per day increases the number of calories burned while at rest. More research needs to be conducted to prove these benefits, but there are dozens of weight loss aids that contain it. There benefit is largely unknown and highly debated.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine has concluded that there is not enough reliable data to suggest its use as a weight loss aid or for lowering cholesterol. They are, however, supporting studies concerning the green tea natural healing benefits for cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

There is no doubt that all of us could benefit from increasing our daily antioxidant intake. The modern diet is high in calories and low in nutritive value. While acute vitamin deficiencies are rare, they seem to be on the rise. Long term nutrient deficits are likely to play a role in many chronic and life threatening diseases.

To increase your antioxidant intake, the simplest solution is a multi-nutritional supplement. The best supplements allow you to take advantage of green tea natural healing to the body’s cells. But, they don’t stop with a single ingredient. A totally balanced nutritional supplement can do much more for your health than any single extract.