Can Natural Remedies For Lupus Work For Me?

After being sick for a couple of years and many doctors visits I finally tested positive for lupus. My doctor had suspected this all along and at the beginning, treated me using the standard lupus treatment of steroids anyway. The initial results were very promising. It got me out of bed where I had been for several months and my life was getting back to being some what normal. But from that point on I never again took my health for granted.

After the positive ANA test results I constantly found myself wondering how to treat lupus without all the nasty side effects I was experiencing from my prescription drug therapy. My doctor assured me that they were the lesser of the two evils and as things got under control he would see if the prescriptions could be reduced to limit side effects. This began my yo-yo treatments methods and from that point on I would have some limited success only to see my lupus flares come back again and usually stronger.

A friend recommended natural remedies for lupus but I just past it off as a friendly gesture and an attempt to trying to offer encouragement without really knowing what to say. However as time went on his suggestion started to haunt me. What if there was a possibility that natural lupus treatment could help? I would be missing the boat completely! I decided I had nothing to lose and so turned to researching the subject to see what I could uncover. If I didn’t find anything I could at least put the question to rest.

With my first research into natural treatments it seemed that my original thoughts would be confirmed. There is a lot of hype out there about natural remedies. But as I dug a little deeper I discovered natural remedies for lupus that have been proven to work.

Part of the reason these were difficult to find for me was because I was just searching about herbs and vitamins. But that is only part of the natural lupus treatment options. I soon found out that using natural methods included a whole circle of things I hadn’t thought of before.

Natural remedies for lupus include a whole catalog of methods and techniques besides the usual herb and supplement routine. Things like getting the right amount of quality sleep (there are ways to insure this), moderate exercise, eating actual food instead of junk, limiting stress (even good stress) when possible, and other possible things such as acupuncture, aromatic oils and additional stress relief techniques.

These all natural lupus treatments and more can help you will bolster the body’s own healing processes. Our bodies are amazing and if just given half a chance they will heal themselves. And that is the goal of natural remedies for lupus, getting the body to address the root causes instead of treating symptoms as most standard medical treatments do.

This whole attitude towards your lupus treatment may seem foreign to you at first, and I can fully understand because it was to me also. But taking care of your body so it can take care of you is just good common sense. A healthy immune system that has all the tools necessary without all the negative effects of drugs or bad habits will go a long way to minimizing and even eliminating your lupus.