All the Effects of Reiki Treatment

In Reiki Treatment the energy is electromagnetic in nature and can work on any level i.e. physical, emotional and spiritual. This treatment also includes spiritual healing, aromatherapy, crystals, chakra balancing, homeopathy, meditation and naturopathy. In this kind of treatment the energy from the source comes through the hands of the practitioner and then flows throughout the body of the patient.

There are so many benefits of this treatment. The benefits of this treatment are as follows:

Supports, clears and controls stability of the chakra i.e. energy centres

Improves related pain

Provides proper relaxation and balance to body, mind and soul

Discharges energy obstructions, reduces the negative energy along with impurities

Stress relief

Maintains and stimulates your body’s natural capability to heal itself

Reiki can be used as a preventive treatment that will help to keep your body, mind and emotions in balance. There are no known adverse effects in receiving a Reiki healing. But yes there are some indications seen after the treatment like

Crying for no reason


Extreme tiredness

Feeling hot or cold

Increased urination


Stomach aches

And all these adverse effects come into picture because of the following reasons mentioned.

1. The energy keeps on changing throughout your body and re-balancing occurs throughout the process.

2. One more thing is the flushing out process has been activated throughout the body.

3. All the impurities and toxins are being released from the body.

And all these reasons results in drastic changes within the body and hence the after effects are seen in the body of the patient.

But these effects do not last for a long time i.e. it diminishes after 48-hours and are not so effective too. Such effects are general and will not harm the patient. The effects are not felt by all as everybody is different in terms of their body, mind and soul. All the mentioned effects can be considered as the psychological mindset of a person it differs from person to person. But in front of the benefits of the Reiki Meditation these are regarded as invalid.

But if still these effects persist then you must follow some steps or preventions. They are as follows:

Drink at least six to eight glasses of water per day to help flush toxins from your body also helps in conducting your body’s energy flow

Eat nourishing foods

Avoid over consumption of stimulants such as drinks containing caffeine or alcohol

Spend a lot of time in loneliness so as to separate your energy from others

Take a lot of rest

Relax and enjoy each and every moment by listening to music, taking a bath, reading, go for a walk, massaging etc. And do all that keeps you engaged.