A Naturopathic Doctor’s Approach to Making Healthier Lifestyle Choices After Prostate Cancer

Although there’s no way to ensure prostate cancer never returns, there are ways to reduce

the risks. This is what Phoenix patients are witnessing when they follow the advice of a

naturopathic doctor.

The best way to reduce chances of prostate cancer returning is to improve your overall

health. This means making better lifestyle choices for the long-term. Converting to a

healthier lifestyle can even be done while you’re still receiving cancer treatment from

alternative medicine practitioners.

Becoming Health Conscious

The first step is to change to a healthier mindset. Your focus needs to be on making

improvements to your life that can enhance your overall well-being. This may include

exercising more, quitting tobacco and cutting back on alcohol consumption. Even stress

levels should be controlled as best possible. Take the time to conjure up ways to make the

needed changes to your life, so that your body can thrive. The best place to start is with

whatever you feel to be the easiest.

Changing Your Eating Habits

Any naturopathic doctor in Phoenix will tell you that what you eat plays a significant role

in reducing risks of cancer. While being treated by alternative medicine practitioners, you

will likely have access to dietitians and nutritionists who can help you develop a plan. If

needed, a special plan can be created for the purpose of weight loss or weight gain. You’ll

find that changing how you eat is a very important step to take after treatment. A lot of

people witness long-term benefits from this simple change.

Getting Plenty of Rest and Exercise

Fatigue is a symptom oftentimes found in cancer patients. This is when you feel more

tired than usual, and is sometimes referred to as bone-weary exhaustion. It’s important

that you get plenty of rest, so that your immune system can strengthen.

You may be surprised to learn that working out can actually reduce fatigue. Studies have

proven that cancer patients who follow an exercise program that caters to their particular

needs feel better emotionally and physically.

It’s normal for your fitness endurance and muscle strength to decline during cancer

treatment, so be patient with your progress. Start out slowly, especially if you haven’t

worked out in a few years. Begin with short walks or bike rides. You should consult with

the Naturopathic doctor you’re seeing in Phoenix before you start exercising.

Additional benefits of working out include:

 Improves heart health and circulation

 Builds muscle strength

 Gives you more energy

 Easier to maintain a healthy weight (alongside a healthy diet)

 Reduces depression and anxiety

 Helps boost self-confidence and happiness

Although exercise can help you physically and emotionally, make sure to maintain a

balance between rest and activity. When you feel the need to rest, do so. Don’t allow

yourself to get overwhelmed by household chores and work. Listen to the needs of your


Seeking Holistic Medicine Services

By going to a naturopathic doctor who practices holistic medicine, you can get a

comprehensive treatment plan that will address all aspects of your health. A special plan

will be developed for your particular case. Various therapies can also be provided to you

during your treatment, such as massages, imaging and acupuncture. These can assist with

common side effects patients in remission face, including anxiety, gastrointestinal

problems, neuropathy and memory problems.

There are numerous alternative medicine practitioners in Phoenix, one of the best being

Longevity Medical Health Center. Here, you will find naturopathic doctors that can give

you advice and treatments to improve your health and lifestyle. If you are battling

prostate cancer or are currently in remission, begin your lifestyle change as soon as